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mardi 15 février 2011

Beyond Appearances

Behind this serene smile...
How much silent suffering?
Behind this divine beauty’s back...
How many jealous souls strive to hurt
Because they believe that fortune is always on her side?

Behind these fleeting expressions...
How much unbearable pain?
Behind the back of these silent sufferers...
How much sarcasm and blind intolerance
Because it is so much easier to ignore?

Behind this exploit...
How much effort and at what cost?
Behind the back of these valiant souls...
How many would love to see then brought down
So as not to feel their own inferiority?

Behind these few lamentations...
How many more are impossible to utter?
Behind the back of these burdened souls...
How many believe their burdens are light
Blinded by the fear of their own weaknesses?

In this body denuded of all allure...
How much hidden beauty lies unseen?
Behind the back of those who repel...
How many would not wish to be like them?
Yet jealousy would aspire to rob even them of their treasure.

Behind these seemingly innocent wrongs...
How much psychological torture?
Behind the back of these martyrs..
How much perversity and ignorance
Conspires to form judgment of values?

Copyright, France Quenneville,  31 January 2011

Sujet: Gang Stalkingé 

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