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dimanche 3 avril 2011

Psychotronic: double play

Some perverts who put the false appears for the true and whom are surprised to see the real wonder that look like falsity. Some mystified that take the true for the false and who are surprised that the fake is not true.

Cruel weapons of emotional abuse and pervert weapons for body almost already died. There is what awaits the pawns of a war game for big kids lost in advance.

Torturers who think that their victim's head is swollen of showing of himself because they have mistaken his identity with someone else, but his head really swells due to handling wild and daily burns caused by directed energy undigested.

A professional manipulator who handles his colleagues as well as his victim by trying to make them all feel guilty and ashamed. And her, while she confronts the evil of this false token she strengthens its own areas of light.

Cookers of people who would like their "meat" become quickly cooked with fires that cook only the long term. And a «meat» that they would prefer mature enough that it does not take too long to cook, but is still too tender to simply let itself be cooked.

A liar who becomes mixed in his lies who can not remember to whom he recounted his true version of the history. And a true story that is recounted all mixed up because it reminds all the lies that had woven it.

In trying to think instead of its prey, the diviner manipulator whispers the words he claims to be his. Yet, she claims that her words are still the breath of his own mind, one that is certainly not his.

The hard life of killers that stimulate survival at all costs in spite of themselves. And the life has really hard life to be reborn of all its dead in spite of its killers who have already died but anyway, she's trying to resurrect them .

By dint of mentally suggest to others the negative of all goodness and beauty, the bad and the ugly were steeped in their own mind as positive space.

Copyright France Quenneville, April 3, 2011.

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