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dimanche 22 mai 2011

I am for you just... a good excuse!

I am for you... this good joke that I seem to deserve. Yet every day when I meet you on the way, I recognize on your  face  the devil's mischievous smile. It is so similar to his that , like him, nothing seems to satisfy him. He having fun at the expense of others but also you, instruments. Yet the smile of a beaming heart is so much more attractive.

I am for you... this smell nauseating and disgusting. Yet every day, yours smells rotten and the vomited. And then, you lift the nose on this fine perfume made with wild rosehips. But, you're so convinced of sniffing garbage in real life, than your nose become unable to smell all good smells. Try out to sniff the true of life, it is the fragrance the most notorious!

I am for you... this feeling so uncomfortable. Yet every day, it  emerge from you so much meanness, that I can feel your scorn as well as the unsatisfaction of your requirements. You're feeling so bad about yourself, that you avoid any real contact with others. But, however, you run away to get a massage just to beg some physical contacts from an other human being. Yet, choosing the fragrance of joy allows to feel so free.

I am for you ... these too beautiful eyes of visible innocence. Yet every day, your look on me implacable arises. Your value judgments are quick to make their way to see the show of your fantasies. I'm doomed, despite your complete ignorance about me. You are so convinced of the evidence of my terrible guilt, that your eyes squarely add anything they want to see and believe. Is not it? And during that time your heart become very hard and your frequency drops dangerously. However, your beliefs will never replace any of my truths, neither mine replace yours.

I am for you... that human being whom have to be banished,  exclude from any group. Yet every day, I can perceive your isolation, your loneliness. I see you walking alone with no one to keep you company. You're so alone than to monitor me become your reason for being. Because of this, perhaps you've  felt a certain well-being, a kind of a sense of belonging. But at what cost? To save face, you simulate the good by choosing lying! However, breathing of your own isolation offers the finest communion because when you expires, the compassion is shared with those who were banished from your comfort zone.

I am for you ... this portrait of a fallen angel, portrayed by you. Yet every day, these are the traits of the devil that I see taking shape on your face. The expressions of evil are sculpting the innermost recesses of each of your masks. Your colors are so tainted that your beauty, eventually, become fade. I'd rather a hundred times better, see blossoming your face. But for this, it is necessary for me to re-draw you in better. Yet still, there remains time for you to choose to restore the purity of your colors. It's up to you to process images with love and seeing its beauty hidden there.

I am for yo ... the shadow on the painting that should be dispelled. Yet every day I can see your shadow darkening mine. You and I all have dark sides that we do not like. This is so true that your shadow come to meet of mine. And, what she thinks seeing on me is none other than his own. Accept its own shade with love, however brings the healing. And, tolerance to oneself erases much of this shadow by replacing it with beautiful spots of light.

I am for you... this crazy attraction who is burning under the magnifying glass of your projectors. Yet every day, the light streaming from my center enlighten me about your own crazy attractions. It also highlights your ardent lacks of love. Yet like me, that spark of the Divine, you have it within you. It is so full of love than, making it grow it would dispel these cold frosts caused by this missing and giving way to fire of comfort. Divine is yet that little flame that emanates from your center, then let it flourish in its intimacy, and mine also.

I am for you... maybe someone who can do harm. Yet every day, it's me who try to heals the wounds of so many injuries done so free. Several reasons  give you some reasons to hurt me. And, these wounds are so deep that, in my pain, I barely get up. Yet, I choose to live it fully, just to be able to understand it.  Because accepting to meet it by facing it strengthens and makes wiser. It also helps to be in tune with all who suffer and offer them a true compassion.

I am for you ... that kind of shameful image that you hide very quickly. Yet every day I am only the screen of your own life. A miror on which you project your thoughts both good and vilest. If you think about your weaknesses, they become so shameful that it is easier to attribute to me everything instead  to look at you in the face and accept them. These images seem to stick so well to me. So, I become for you... a good excuse. Yet take this opportunity to face up yourself could dispel  your feelings of ashamed.  As for me, I would at least contribute to give you a little feeling of proudness. But, I would never have been for you... just that good excuse.

© France Quenneville, 22 mai 2011.
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